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Complete Guide To Fix Cox Mail Server Not Working 2023

Cox mail server

Cox is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent telecommunication companies that have provided exceptional services. These services include table television, telephone, automation services, and the Cox mail server.

Even though most consumers have raved about the company’s quality services, sometimes, they encounter a few hiccups. Unfortunately, Cox email problems do occur from time to time, and they can be stressful for someone who doesn’t know what to do. The following is a complete guide listing the possible reasons and solutions for these recurrent issues.

4 Reasons Why Cox Mail Server Is Not Working

There are plenty of reasons why the Cox mail server might be unresponsive. However, the following four are the most prevalent ones:

#1. Server Malfunction

Generally, when an outgoing mail server stops working, people blame their routers, phones, and other local causes. However, their gadgets are not always the culprit. Whether they are having issues with a mail server or a Cox mini box, if the devices are working properly, it might be a server malfunction. A server malfunction means that the issue is at the company’s end, not the users. So, no matter how many times they refresh their smartphone, it will not work because the service provider itself is not working.

#2. Internet and Network Problems

No matter how great the Cox internet plans are, they do not guarantee perfect internet and network connections; these problems are bound to occur. In fact, they are a prevalent cause of mail server crises. Users might be completely disconnected from their network, or the internet speed could just be significantly slower in the area. Either way, they will face problems with their Cox mail if the connection is less than ideal.

#3. Account Issues

Cox outgoing mail server can pose problems if users have a blocked account or invalid credentials. Most people either continue using the wrong username, enter an incorrect password, or make other mistakes while logging into their Cox accounts. So, if the server is fine and the internet connection is stable, the problem could be hidden in the login details.

#4. Exceeding Limitations

Lastly, whether users enjoy their Cox contour TV or use the mail service, it does not respond if they exceed the limit. Unfortunately, most users are unaware that there is a specified limit to the service and keep trying to use it. They eventually give up, thinking there is something wrong with the server or their phone. In reality, it’s neither; they are just overusing the service!

8 Ways to Fix the Cox Mail Server

Fixing a problematic Cox mail server is not as complex or intimidating as many users assume. The following are eight quick ways to tackle the situation depending on the causative agent:

incoming mail server cox

#1. Refresh The Page

Whether users are having issues with Cox outgoing mail server on iPhone, Android, or desktop, refreshing the page usually does the trick. In fact, it is the fastest way to resolve the issue without going through any of the technical steps. If the email issues are a result of reloading, cookies, and cache, closing and reopening the login page always works.

#2. SMTP Configuration and VPN Verification

Ensuring that the user has the right SMTP configuration is crucial. If it is incorrect, the result will be recurring errors, and they will not be able to use the service. This scenario is especially common for users who enter their details manually. Human error is bound to happen at some point, and it could be one of those incidents.

Similarly, some users have their VPN activated, and their foreign IP leads to a security concern. Deactivating the VPN applications is usually a quick and effective solution.

#3. Change Your Browser for incoming mail server Cox

Non-tech users find it hard to locate any red flags or flaws in their browsers. To them, it’s not important, but in reality, faulty browsers can lead to disturbances in the incoming mail server Cox. In cases where this is the underlying problem, switching the browser is an instant solution.

#4. Fixing The Server

As mentioned earlier, bad servers are a prevalent cause of problems for users. So, if none of these quick fixes seem to work, it is time to move on to the more technical aspects. If the Cox server is down, the company usually notifies its users. People who encounter issues with their mail service can call customer support and inquire. If the server is working fine, users should check their Cox mail server settings. These settings should adequately match the user’s Cox email account.

#5. Switching Off the Firewall

It is not uncommon for tech users to install antivirus software and firewalls to ensure protection and maximize security. However, such software can cause fluctuations in the mail server and lead to Cox’s outgoing mail server not workingTherefore, users should disable these programs temporarily and try sending their emails. If it works, it means the software they installed is not compatible with the mail server.

#6. Checking Your Internet Connection

Checking the Cox modem or router is one of the most important things to do if an online service isn’t working. Users should rely on speed tests to see if the signals are strong enough. Restarting the device also refreshes the signals and usually solves the problem. If it still doesn’t work, there might be a bad internet connection in the area. Check the scenario from all aspects to ensure that the internet connection is not the underlying issue. If it is, wait for it to come back to normal speeds.

#7. Recheck Your Account Details

Often, users subscribe to the best Cox cable deals but then forget their credentials. As a result, they cannot access the services they paid for, and resetting the password is a boring hassle no one wants to go through! The same happens with Cox mail services. Users can’t access their mail server because they have forgotten their account details. In some scenarios, it is a genuine mistake: people don’t realize that they are entering the wrong credentials because they’re doing it manually. Either way, make sure the account details are correct.

#8. Contact Cox mail server Support

If nothing seems to work, users can call the Cox customer service phone number and ask for help. Inquire about server issues and let them know about the ongoing problem with the mail service. The company professionals will guide users on what to do next.
While you are on the phone, you can ask the rep to give you details about their different services. Also, if you have any questions about Cox incoming mail server, please ask them.


The Cox mail server delivers impressive results, and audiences are content. However, it can have issues from time to time. After all, it is but a computer! Instead of panicking or getting frustrated, take a deep breath and try to make a proper diagnosis. Address the main problem, and it should go away immediately. If it seems complicated, it is better to contact experts at Cox and ask for their help instead.

Frequently ask your questions

Q: What Is the Cox Net Incoming Mail Server?

Ans: It is where an email stays before being sent and delivered to the recipient.

Q: What Is the Cox Outgoing Mail Server? 

Ans: It is responsible for delivering and transferring emails from one computer to another.

Q: What Is the IMAP For Cox Email?
Ans: IMAP is defined as the standard retrieval protocol for emails. It stores these online messages on a server and allows recipients to view them.

Q: Why Is Cox Email Not Working? 

Ans: The most popular reasons behind Cox email not working include invalid account credentials or a slow internet connection.