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Cox Self Install Process Explained: Complete Guide

Cox Self Installation Process

You have made the right decision by choosing Cox internet plans to get high-speed internet. Things have changed significantly after the COVID pandemic. The contactless installation has become the new normal for most internet service providers and Cox is one of them. The provider is offering Cox self-install kits which means you don’t have to wait for a technician to install your internet services.

This service has a name and it’s called Cox Easy Connect. Need help with installing your internet services? This guide walks you through all the steps to successfully install your services. Let’s begin, shall we!

Who Is the Cox Self Install Service For?

This service is for everyone who subscribes to the provider’s internet services. Scheduling an installation with a technician involves waiting. Plus, there is a professional installation fee involved too unless you have signed up for a bundle for Cox cable deals and internet services. In that case, installation is free but if you have subscribed for a standalone package, then installation charges are involved. You can save that money by opting for the Cox self-install kit, which is free.

No, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to be able to use the self-installation service. The kit comes with an instruction manual that thoroughly explains all the steps.

The Contents of the Cox Internet Self Install Kit

The Cox Easy Connect self-install kit includes the following content:

  1. Modem/Cox Gateway (varies depending on your plan)
  2. Coaxial cables
  3. Ethernet cord
  4. Power cable
  5. A two-Way signal splitter (for cable subscribers)
  6. Cable filter (for subscribers of advanced TV service)
  7. Instructional manual

How to Set Up the Cox Self Install Kit?

The self-installation process is determined by your internet package. However, the first five stages are the same regardless of the plan you choose. After the first five steps, follow the cable modem or the Cox Gateway directions.

Cox Self Install Kit

Here are the steps for a smooth and quick Cox internet self-install:

1: Check the Contents of the Kit

Check the contents of the box before starting the installation before you start the Cox cable card self install. All the items mentioned in the list above must come with the kit.

2: Determine Where You Want to Place the Mode

Figure out where you’ll put everything before you take it out of the box. Ideally, choose a central location for the internet signal to spread freely throughout your home.

3: Turn Off Your Laptop/PC

As a precautionary measure, shut down your devices to avoid unexpected power surges.

4: Connect the Coaxial Cable

Connect the coaxial wire to the wall connector once you’ve found an appropriate placement. Connect it to the modem’s cable port next.

5: Plug in the Adapter

Now connect the power adapter to the wall, and then the modem.

6: Follow the Instructions Based on Your Plan

At this point, follow the steps based on the internet plan you have subscribed to.

Plan #1: Cox Cable Modem Self Install Steps

1: Wait for the Internet Light to Become Stable

If you’re using a cable modem, wait until the internet light turns solid. Allow 10 minutes for the process to complete. During that time, the modem will most likely reboot a couple of times. If it happens, don’t be alarmed; it’s just part of the setup procedure.

2: Connect an Ethernet Cable

Once the light turns solid, use the Ethernet cable to connect your modem to a laptop or PC.

3: Turn on Your PC/Laptop

By this step, you must have connected everything. Now all you have to do is turn on your PC or laptop.

Plan #2: Cox Gateway Self Install Steps

1: Wait for the Lights to Turn On

Because the gateway supports both wired and wireless connections, you’ll need to keep an eye on the internet and Wi-Fi lights throughout this time. This can take anywhere from five to ten minutes, much like installing a cable modem. The gateway will restart multiple times as well.

2: Connect your SSID

Once the light becomes stable, you can now connect to the wireless network.

With the equipment, you must have received the WiFi Quick reference card. This piece of paper contains the network name and the key. In case you didn’t receive a reference card, this information should be printed on the modem’s label.

Important: Activate Your Internet Connection

This is an important step to be performed after the installation of everything. Worried that your Cox self install not working? That’s probably because you have yet to activate your internet connection.

You must register your device to be able to use your internet. This calls for activating your services. There are two ways about it. You can either activate your account online or by calling Cox customer support. Make sure you have the following items on hand regardless of the activation method you choose:

  • Phone number or your account number
  • Your Cox user ID and password (for online activation)
  • Cox PIN or the last 4 digits of your SSN

It only takes a few minutes to activate. You should be able to surf the web, stream movies, and connect all of your devices to your home network once the activation is complete.

Troubleshooting Cox Self Install Not Working

Although the self-installation process is simple some users still run into errors. That’s ok. Not all of us are tech junkies. If your Cox cable modem self-install fails for some reason, try these quick fixes:

  • Make sure all cables are tightly plugged in
  • Double-check all electrical components at your home
  • Place the modem in a central location
  • Make sure you have turned on the power switch

Hopefully, this should fix the error but in case it doesn’t, reach out to customer support without hesitation.

Summing Up

Bear in mind that the installation process may not be as smooth if you’re using a third-party modem/router. Cox may not be able to provide assistance in troubleshooting third-party equipment.

The Cox self-activation process is pretty straightforward. Once you are done with everything explained above, all you have to do is plug in your device and you are ready to use your internet services. Customer care is available to assist you if you have any questions, require assistance, want to bundle Cox TV packages with your internet services, or need help with anything else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you self-install Cox internet?

Ans: Yes. You can do it through the Cox Easy connect, which is a free self-installation kit. It comes with all the essentials needed to set up your internet services on your own.

Q: How to install Cox internet self-install?

Ans: Follow the steps to set up your internet connection via the self-install kit.

Q: What is Cox self-install phone number?

Ans: In case you need help with anything related to self-install, call this TFN number.