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Easy Ways to Change the Cox WiFi Password

how to change Cox Wifi password

The internet has become the need of the hour. Everyone relies heavily on it to get their tasks done. The use of the internet has become so common among people that spending a minute without having access to it seems like a lifetime. Hence, it is no surprise that more and more are subscribing to different providers such as Cox internet. However, you must also know that the number of cybercriminals is increasing at a rapid rate. Thus, you should keep your public WiFi network secure. And one way to do this is by changing the Cox WiFi password.

Why Should You Change Your Cox Wi-Fi Password?

Over the years, hackers have become really sophisticated with their ways. They are using new techniques and methods to attack their victims. And so, you should take every possible step to prevent them from infiltrating your system. One of the major things that you can do to stop these malicious actors in their path is to change your Cox WiFi password. This way, cybercriminals won’t be able to access your sensitive information. They would also not know which sites you are frequently visiting. This means that you can look up Cox cable packages or any other information freely.

Creating a strong WiFi password is the key to remaining safe online. If it’s weak, you can expect strangers to access your internet. This will result in unnecessary network congestion. Also, your data will be consumed much quicker. Moreover, you will experience slower speeds. So, if you don’t want any of that to happen, try to change the WiFi password of Cox Contour TV.

Finding Your Default Internet Password

The first thing you should do is to find your default Cox internet WiFi password. If you don’t know how to do that, don’t worry! Simply follow these steps:

Cox cable Default Internet Password

  • Open the owner’s manual of your Cox router.
  • There should be a password printed on a label at the bottom. If it’s not there, look at the side of the router.
  • The password can also be found in the Cox welcome toolkit.

Changing the Password via Router Interface

Here’s how you can complete the process.

1. Make Sure the Device Is Connected

Before starting the process, make sure that the device is connected via an ethernet cable.

2. Search for the Router’s IP Address

You will now have to look for the IP address of your router. You can find this information on the bottom of your router. Once you find it, launch your favorite browser and enter the IP address. If in case, you cannot find the IP address on the router, you can go to the manufacturer’s site and look for it there.

3. Enter Your Credentials

When you enter the IP address in the URL, a page will open, which will be hosted by the provider. You can now use the free Cox username and WiFi password.

4. Change the Password

After you have successfully logged into your router’s interface, the steps for changing the password may vary depending on the model you have. In most cases, there is a tab that says WiFi or Wireless. You have to go there to see the password which you need to change.

My WiFi Web Portal for Changing the Password

My WiFi is a service by the provider that is available to those users who are using one of the following wireless devices:

  • Arris DG2460
  • Cisco DPC3825
  • Ubee DDW365
  • Ubee DVW326

Here is how you are going to change your password via My WiFi:

  • Visit the provider’s official website and log into your account.
  • Go to the option that says the Internet.
  • Now tap My WiFi and go to View or Change the Wireless Network Name SSID and Password.

If in case you forgot the Cox WiFi password, you can consider the aforementioned steps to retrieve it.

Panoramic WiFi Web Portal & App for Altering the Password

Just like My WiFi, the Panoramic WiFi web portal is another service by the provider. This makes it easier for the subscribers to manage their network. It also gives different features such as parental controls. So, if you have opted for this service, you can use it to change the password. Here’s how to do it:

  • Head over to the official website of the provider and log into your account.
  • After you have signed in, you will appear on the Cox Panoramic WiFi web portal.
  • Search for the option that says Connect and click on it.
  • Now tap on the See Network.
  • You will now go to the My Network page. Once there, click Edit WiFi.
  • Change the password and hit Apply Changes.

On the Panoramic WiFi App

You can do this process on the Panoramic WiFi app as well. Here is what you will be doing:

  • Launch the app and then hit Connect.
  • Look at the top of the screen, and you will notice an option that says See Network. Hit that!
  • You will now be on the My Network page.
  • Once there, hit on the pencil icon.
  • You will see Edit WiFi Settings. Just tap on it to change the password.
  • After you have altered the password, tap on Apply Changes.

This process can be used for Cox WiFi password recovery as well. When you go to the Edit WiFi Settings, you will be able to see the password that you have set.

How to Create a Strong Password

There are a lot of people who use the internet daily, yet they don’t really care about online security. Well, this habit needs to be changed if you want to have a secure online experience. You should start it by creating a strong WiFi password. But how to do that? Don’t fret! Just follow some of the tips mentioned below, and you will be able to create a strong password for your network.

  • When creating a password, don’t use your personal information such as your name, city of birth, etc.
  • Make your passwords longer. It should contain at least 8-12 characters.
  • You should use a combination of numbers, symbols, and upper-and-lower case letters.
  • Don’t use your old password again.

As long as your password is strong, no one will be able to access your system. This means that hackers will neither be able to steal your information nor will they know what you are searching for online, allowing you to browse Cox TV plans freely.


As more people are going online, cybercriminals have taken it as an opportunity to attack more victims. Therefore, you should be careful while surfing online. Also, take basic steps such as changing the Cox WiFi password regularly so no hacker can access your system. You can alter the password of your network easily by following the steps mentioned above. You can even dial the Cox phone number and ask the provider for help regarding this matter.

FAQ Section:

Q: How to change WiFi password Cox?

Ans: You can do that via router interface, My WiFi Web Portal, and Panoramic WiFi Web Portal.

Q: What is my Cox WiFi password?

Ans: Find your default WiFi password on the side of your router, or in the Cox Welcome Toolkit.

Q: How many devices can connect to Cox WiFi?

Ans: Up to three devices.

Q: How to get the Cox PIN number?

Ans: Your monthly bill should have it in the top right section.