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Easy Ways to Link Cox Remote to Your TV

Cox Remote TV

Cox is one of the most popular providers in the United States. It offers services related to the internet, TV, phone, and home automation. The latter is a recent development and allows users to access a wide variety of packages and deals. Once you get the equipment installed, you are required to connect your Cox remote to the TV. This process is easy to understand and includes simple guidelines. However, it’s important that you follow them carefully to avoid any technical issues. Here are the best ways to connect this remote to your TV.

Top 6 Cox Remotes You Should Know About

In order to program your Cox remote successfully to your TV, you need to have comprehensive knowledge of the kind of remote you’re using. This is important because programming depends on the type of remote you have. Although the methods involved are similar, they‘re still not uniform for all devices.

If you’re looking to program Cox  TV remote, look out for these types of devices.

  • The Mini Box RF3220-R
  • Contour URC 8820
  • Contour XR15
  • The Mini Box URC2220
  • Contour M7820
  • Contour XR11

Identifying the right type of remote is the first step to successful programming.

Cox remote

Employing the ‘Device Code Entry’ Method to Program Cox Remote

This method is one of the easiest ways to program Cox Television remote. However, you first need to acquire the right codes for your remote. This will help you pair your TV with your remote type. In order to search for the code, you need access to a code-finding tool.

How to Look for Your Cox Remote Codes?

You are required to follow different methods for the various types of remote models.  Here are the steps for discovering your Cox remote codes, depending on the type of remote you have.

Contour URC 8820

  1. If you have this Cox Contour TV remote, switch your TV on with this remote.
  2. The first step is to use the TV mode key. Now, you’ll see your specific TV code with the code finding tool.
  3. Once you have access to this, press both the Mute and Select keys and hold them for a few seconds.
  4. This will lead to a blinking TV mode key.
  5. Now, plug in the Cox Contour remote TV codes and click the Power button.
  6. This will tell you if your remote has been linked successfully.

Contour M7820: Key Steps

  1. To get started, turn on your TV with the remote.
  2. After this, use the TV button once.
  3. With the code finding tool, search for your specific code.
  4. Following this, you are required to press the Setup key and hold it for a few seconds.
  5. This step will lead to the TV mode key blinking twice.
  6. When you see this signal, release the key.
  7. Now, insert your TV code.
  8. In order to check if the remote has been paired successfully, press the Power button.

Mini Box RF3220-R: Important Steps

  1. With the Cox Mini Box RF3220-R, turn your TV on.
  2. Now, click on the TV Power button.
  3. As with the aforementioned remotes, you will need to press the Setup key and hold it.
  4. Once the light blinks twice, you can release the key.
  5. Now, look for your codes and save them.
  6. Once you enter this, click the Power button to ensure that you have successfully programmed your remote to the TV.

What to Do If the Cox Remote Does Not Work?

There’s a chance that despite entering the correct codes, your Cox remote does not work. But don’t worry. There are easy steps to help resolve this.

Battery Replacement

First, it’s important to ensure that your remote batteries are working and functional. If they’re not, your remote won’t connect. In order to resolve this issue, simply replace your batteries with newer ones.


In addition to changing the batteries, you can also consider reprogramming your remote to improve its efficacy and functionality.

Examining the Remote and Receiver’s Distance

Moreover, if your remote is not working, examine the distance between the remote and the receiver. This is also an important factor to consider when you’re using Cox TV. If the distance is too much, your devices won’t work properly. Thus, make sure the remote and the TV are close enough to function successfully.

Checking the Model’s Compatibility

It’s also important to ensure that your remote model is compatible with the TV you’re using. In this context, it’s always a good idea to have knowledge of the types of remotes offered to you. If you require details regarding the controller types, contact the Cox customer service phone number. This way, you’ll also be able to determine if your devices are compatible.

Consider Purchasing a New Remote

If all else fails, you can always purchase a new remote. This will have the latest technology and upgrades. As a result, it will have a higher chance of performing better than older versions.

Cox Remote Pairing with ‘Popular Brands Quick-Programming’ Method

Another effective way for Cox remote pairing is through the ‘Popular Brands Quick-Programming’ method. This typically involves a single-digit key code. You can find this in the remote manual or instructions guide. The Quick Programming method is similar to the Device Code Entry.

While there are a few changes, the overall process is largely the same. Once you’ve successfully paired your devices, you can enjoy Cox cable plans and choose from a wide variety of content.

How to Reset Cox TV Remote

If you’re having problems with your device, you can always reset the Cox  TV remote to improve efficacy. This reset depends on the type of remote control you’re using. In case you’re still confused about this, you can use Cox internet packages to search online for your device’s details and specifications.

In order to reset your remote, you can choose the troubleshooting option and use the Setup button. You will need to press and hold this for resetting.

You can easily program your Cox remote to TV with methods involving Popular Brands Quick-Programming and Device Code Entry. It’s also important to know which remote model you’re using.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How to program Cox remote?

For this, you need to first determine the remote type you’re using. You can also use the Popular Brands Quick-Programming and Device Code Entry methods.

How to replace batteries in Cox Contour remote?

On the back of the remote, you’ll find the battery cover. Push this upwards and remove it to replace new batteries with the old ones.

How to reset the Cox Television remote?

Press the Setup button and hold it for a few seconds till it blinks. This will reset your device.

How to program Cox Contour remote to TV?

For this, you need to first determine the remote type you’re using. You can also use the Popular Brands Quick-Programming and Device Code Entry methods.

How to pair Cox remote to TV?

Make sure you know your specific remote codes. You can also use the Quick Programming method to pair your remote to the TV.