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How To Fix Missing Channels on Cox Mini Box?

Fix Missing Channels on Cox Mini Box

People usually crave entertainment after a long day at work. After all, they need some time to unwind and relax. So, they usually go online or simply switch on the television to enjoy their favorite shows and movies. Cox is aware of this. Hence, the provider goes above and beyond in making sure that their customers get the best entertainment by fixing the Cox mini box missing channels they deserve. And so, they launched a mini box which is actually great for those who are subscribed to basic Cox TV packages like TV Starter or Essential.

Although this service from the provider gives access to a lot of channels, there is one common problem that subscribers often encounter. It’s the Cox mini box missing channels! But there is nothing to worry about as this article will guide you on how to troubleshoot this annoying issue.

5 Ways to Resolve the Cox Mini Box Missing Channels Problem

Cox mini box channel lineup

The provider’s mini box service is quite useful for those who want more channels. But as is with any technical device, issues can surface out of nowhere. And hence, there might be some instances when you notice some of your favorite channels to be missing. There are five ways to resolve this problem. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at them:

1. Make Sure the Cables Are Connected Correctly

When you unpack the mini box, you will find some cables. These cables are necessary for installation. Upon examining them, you will realize that they are labeled. This is done so you can connect them correctly. Also, it will help you avoid making any mistakes. But sometimes, people become overconfident and use old white coax cables. This will interfere with the no Cox signals issue, causing some channels to disappear. Therefore, it is important for you to use the right cables and make sure that they are connected properly as per the guidelines. This will resolve the Cox mini box missing channels issue but if not, take a look at the next step.

2. Check the Connection for Loose Wires

Having your favorite channels vanish from the mini box can be quite frustrating. But don’t let it ruin your mood. Instead, try this fix. You should know that sometimes it is loose plugs and wires that can cause this problem. So, you should ensure that all the wires are plugged in tightly. Also, if you think that there is a need for re-wiring, don’t think twice and get it done! This should hopefully resolve Cox mini box channels missing issue.

3. Channel Scan Should Do the Trick

If the first two ways didn’t work out for you, there is a strong chance of a cable programming issue. There are around 100 channels included in the Cox mini box channel lineup with the exception of premium ones like HBO. You should try running a channel scan and this might just recover the lost channels. This tip is worth trying as it can work wonderfully. And before you know it, you can get those channels back.

4. Replace Cox mini box with missing channels

Another reason why your favorite channels suddenly went missing is that your mini box is faulty. And so, no matter what you do, you may never be able to get those channels back! Hence, it will not be wise to do the Cox bill pay process for a service that doesn’t work. Therefore, it is suggested to get in touch with the provider and ask them to replace the device. If the problem is legit, they will listen to you and would get you a new device.

5. Call Customer Support

If there is nothing that works, you should contact the provider! Simply dial the Cox customer care phone number and talk to the rep. You have to explain everything that happened. Also, if you tried to fix the issue yourself, tell them about that as well so they can know how to troubleshoot the problem as soon as possible.

While you are on the call with them, feel free to talk about their other services as well. You can ask them about different Cox cable bundles, and they will give you every detail that you need.


Cox Mini box is a highly useful service from Cox. However, as stated earlier, technical issues can appear at any time. And so, you may face Cox mini box missing channels issue. If you do, you can try the aforementioned ways to resolve the problem. Also, you can call the provider for assistance. And while you do that, you can take information about various Cox internet plans as well so you can stay connected!

People Also Ask:

Q: Does Cox mini box get all channels?

Ans: It has 40 TV plus audio channels.

Q: What channels do I get with the Cox mini box?

Ans: You can expect to get basic channels except for premium ones like HBO.

Q: How do I get more channels on my Cox mini box?

Ans: Cox mini box can’t get all the Advanced TV channels. It will only offer a few. You can talk to customer support for more information.

Q: Why are my channels not working on Cox?

Ans: This can be because of different issues. For instance, there may be a service outage or the cables are not connected properly.