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How to Fix Remote Picture-In-Picture on Cox?

Picture-In-Picture on Cox

If you are a cable TV enthusiast then you know that most channels air their best shows during prime time. And even though you can’t watch all of them at the same time, you can still watch two. The Picture-In-Picture on Cox is a wonderful tool that allows you to watch more than one program. With this feature, you can easily split your TV screen into two and never miss a thing. If you are one of those people who are always multitasking, then this can be great for you.

However, like all technology ever, it can be a little unpredictable at times. There are a few settings on the Cox remote that you should know about. Moreover, some channels need special permissions to access the PiP feature. So, there can be a few glitches that you may need to sort out before you can use this feature freely. This article will talk about the issues you may face with remote picture-in-picture and how to fix them.

How Does the Picture-in-Picture on Cox Work?

The PiP feature can split your screen into two halves – one bigger and the other smaller. You can easily switch between the two and choose which screen you want in the bigger size. As a result, you can simultaneously watch two different TV channels on your TV.

Cox Remote Picture-in-Picture

There are two different tuners that you need for PiP to work with Cox cable. You can alternate between the two TV channels while waiting for commercials to finish on one or use it however you wish. It is a convenient option and it can be annoying if you can’t get it to work.

 Fix Cox Remote Picture-in-Picture?

There can be multiple reasons your PiP is not working. There are a few troubleshooting methods that you should check out before you call for professional help or get a technician to cancel Cox services.

#1: Fix Cox Remote Settings

The first step is to ensure you have the right settings on your cable TV box. Most users forget to turn the setting on from their remote. So, the first thing you need to do is press the left button at the bottom of the company-provided remote. A window of settings will pop up and you can toggle the Picture-on-Picture setting on it. Without turning this on, you can’t use the feature.

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#2: Switch to On-Demand Channels

The PiP tool is not available for all channels on your Cox TV and most people forget this. The Picture-in-Picture will only work with on-demand channels. So, if you are trying to turn it on with regularly available channels, that could be why it isn’t working for you. So, make sure that the channel is an on-demand program and try turning the setting on again. It should work without any trouble, but you can move on to other troubleshooting methods if the issue persists.

#3: Check TV Compatibility

If you have turned on the setting from the Cox contour remote and are also using an on-demand channel, the feature should work smoothly. However, if it doesn’t, then it could mean your TV’s model is incompatible with picture-in-picture on Cox. The easiest way to fix this is to explore your TV’s settings and read the manual in detail. If you don’t have the manual you can search for your TV’s model number online and look through the manufacturer’s website. If your TV does not support the feature then there is nothing much that you can do except get a newer TV model that is PiP compatible.

#4: Get a Double Tuner or Additional Hardware

The Cox remote picture-in-picture will only work with a double tuner. Most TVs these days use a double tuner, but your TV may have a single tuner. However, with a single tuner, you will need a cable TV box or a USB cable to make the features work. You can check the specifications of your TV model from the manual or the manufacturer’s website.

#5: Call Customer Support for Picture-In-Picture on Cox

If all else fails, you may need professional help from the service provider. Whether you want help with Cox internet, phone, or cable services, the support staff is usually very receptive. They can offer professional advice over the phone or set up a technician appointment for you.


The PiP feature is not limited only to TV and has been used largely for publications, websites, and phone apps like YouTube and Netflix as well. You can enjoy multiple TV channels if you fix Cox remote settings, toggle settings, or call support. The feature is worth it when you don’t want to miss anything.

Frequently Ask Question

Q: How to do picture-in-picture on Cox?

Ans: You can enable the Cox PiP feature by pressing the left button on your remote and toggling the setting.

Q: How to do picture-in-picture on Cox contour?

Ans: Go to your TV’s settings by pressing the left remote button and toggle the PiP setting.

Q: How do I zoom out on my Cox remote?

Ans: You can adjust zoom by pressing the HD Zoom button at the top of the remote.