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How to Fix Common Cox Box Error Codes?

how to fix common cox cable box error codes

Regardless of which deal or package one has subscribed to, almost every Cox user has encountered Cox box error codes. However, as common as these are, not many people know how to fix such a situation. In fact, many don’t even know how to respond to it.

Indeed, there is plenty of Cox cable and internet offers to choose from, and all of them have their advantages. However, it may surprise many people that their subscription has nothing to do with a Cox error code. Hence, instead of continuously upgrading the subscription and paying more money to get a better experience, diagnose the real problem and fix it from the root up.

What Are Cox Box Error Codes & What Do They Mean?

When using Cox internet and cable services, users often experience an unexpected and sudden disconnection from the network. The display either goes blank or shows a pop-up with an error. More specifically, it shows a code that looks like jumbled-up letters and numbers. However, they are not random; the code stands for a particular issue that only knowledgeable users and professionals are familiar with.

Even though Cox has been popular for its high customer satisfaction rating and quality services, error codes are among the few but frequent Cox issues encountered by users. Typically, these errors seem very technical and intimidating to somebody with little knowledge and experience. However, fortunately, a proper guide (like the one below) can make the situation less overwhelming.

Fixing Common Cox Box Error Codes

There are plenty of Cox error codes that exist, but a handful of them are more frequent than the others. Understanding and knowing how to tackle them can help users avoid a panic situation. As a result, they can fix their issues themselves instead of calling an expert down to their place.

#1. Error Code IA09

The Cox error code IA09 is the most common one, but fortunately, it is also one of the simplest ones to solve. This error code stops users from getting signals and coverage. The cause behind it is usually a lack of coverage from the coaxial cable, which can result from many different reasons. If users encounter an error code ia09, here are the best ways to solve it:

  • Call Cox and inquire about a generalized coverage issue. If the problem is coming from the server, users can sit back and relax until they solve it.
  • If Cox responds that there is no problem on their end, but the error code is still persistent on the screen, users can check the cable. Ensure that connections are proper and there are no local problems with the hardware. A loose or flawed cable can be the underlying issue. Once that’s resolved, the error goes away.
  • If these two don’t seem to be the problem, the last resort is to check the mini box and try reconnecting it with the network. Usually, restarting it works, and the problem is resolved.

#2. Error Code RDK-03013

Another common problem is the RDK-03013 error code, which indicates that the X1 box does not have a proper prerequisite signal. Either that, or it is simply not activated. The right way to combat this situation is to tighten and readjust the coax cable. After that, users should restart their set-top boxes: long-press (for at least 8-10 seconds) the power button on the box.

fix cable box error codes

#3. Error Code 1 PST

1PST is one of the rarer Cox box error codes, but one should still be familiar with them because they do come up at some points. These error codes represent hardware problems, meaning something is wrong with the TV box that can be fixed manually. Bugs and errors are common causes behind this problem, but oftentimes, it is only the wires that need readjustment or replacement. If the wires are okay, users should look at the cable box and see if something is wrong with it. The box can be repaired or replaced as needed, so this is not a big unsolvable problem.

#4. Error Code RDK-10000

The last of the most important errors are the Cox error code RDK-10000. When this code comes up, it is usually combined with the text “Something’s not quite right.” There are two simple solutions to this error:

  • Check the cable connections and make sure that they are tight and secure.
  • Unplug the TV box from its power source and let it sit for a few seconds. After about 10 seconds, plug it back and restart.

One of these two tips almost always resolves the error code, and users can go back to enjoying their TV time. However, in case they don’t work, this is when the user can dial the Cox customer service bill pay number and ask for expert advice.


Cox box error codes are not rare and can frequently be encountered by users. However, it does not mean that the cable subscription or the company has a problem. These errors are completely normal and only take a few minutes to resolve. In cases where users have no idea what to do, Cox TV has very active customer support. The number is available on their official website, where users can call and ask for immediate guidance.


How to fix Cox error code ia09?

You can call the provider and see if there is any problem from their end. If it isn’t, check your connection.

How do I troubleshoot my Cox cable box?

Unplug the cable box from the power and wait for 30 seconds before plugging it back again.

What does code IA09 mean for Cox?

This error code stops users from getting signals and coverage.