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How To Fix Cox Wireless Cable Box Not Working?

Cox cable box green light

Cable problems often arrive at the worst possible time to ruin your experience. The same is the case with the Cox wireless cable box when the box green light flashes! the trouble comes in the form of the cable box not turning on. in other cases, it is the Cox wireless cable box HDMI with no signal error.

Whatever the problem, the good news is that you can solve most of these problems on your own. No, you don’t have to be a technician to fix minor problems like these. A few quick remedies can solve everything and you will be able to tune in to Cox contour TV to have a good time.

This guide walks you through the steps of fixing the cable box error. Let’s have a look:

How to fix the Cox wireless cable box?

1: Look for loose or damaged cables

Often, it’s the loose or damaged cables that are at fault. Go back and check your Cox contour remote and box set up to make sure the cables are well-secured.

While you do that, make sure that the cables are inserted in the right port. There is a good chance your cable box isn’t working because of this mistake.

2: Check the wiring

Wiring refers to the overall network architecture. So, If your cable difficulties persist and you can’t pinpoint a problem with the box or wires, you might want to look at your home’s wiring. You may need to call a technician for the job. They would be able to determine the source of the problem and tell whether or not your home requires rewiring. After the wiring is optimized, you’ll see that the cable box will turn on without any problem.

3: Reboot Your Cox Wireless Cable Box

The quickest way to fix errors like the Cox wireless cable box green light flashing and the cable box not turning on is to reboot your device.

A reboot is a quick way to boost the speed of the device and refresh the system. Here are the steps to reboot your cable box:

  1. Start by turning off the TV
  2. Remove all cables and unplug the cable box
  3. Wait for about 1 to 2 minutes to give the device a break
  4. Plug everything back and wait for the cable box to connect

This should fix everything and you will be able to enjoy your Cox cable deals again!

4: Check the Memory of the Cable Box

This is a legit problem. The memory of the cable box when gets full doesn’t let it turn on. The hard disc in the cable box includes all the recorded programs. To free up the hard drive, it’s recommended to place it on another device and delete the recorded content.

Install the hard disc in the cable box and turn it on after there is enough free space on it. this should fix the not turning on error or Cox picture-in-picture error.

5: Keep an Eye on the Box’s Light

The cable’s light is a strong indicator of the status of your services. For instance, the Cox green light flashing indicates that the TV connection has been cut. Keep an eye on the light on the box to see determine what’s wrong with the cable box and apply the remedy accordingly.

6: Make Sure the TV’s Input Is Right

Make sure the cable is inserted into the right port or input. In the case of coax cable, channel 3 is the right input for the cable box. On the other hand, if you have an HDMI cable, channels 1, 2, and 3 – all work.

7:  Contact Customer Support

Let’s say you have tried all the solutions above and your cable box is still not turning out. this could be a hardware error, service outage issue, or some other technical issue that requires expert help. In that case, feel free to reach out to the Cox customer service phone number and let them know about the error.


If you are a loyal customer and a fan of Cox internet plans and cable deals, you will know that the company values customers’ experience. Errors like these don’t appear frequently but when they do, support is always available.

Try these remedies to fix your Cox wireless cable box and resume watching your favorite content to have a great time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to do if the Cox wireless cable box is not working?

Ans: Follow the remedies explained above to fix your cable box and make it work again.

Q: Is there a reset button on the Cox wireless cable box?

Ans: There is no reset button on the cable box. So, You either have to reset it manually or online.

Q: How do I turn on my Box?

Ans: To turn off the cable box, turn off your TV and unplug all cables.

Q: Why does my Cox wireless cable box keep turning off?

Ans: Weak signals, service outages, and full memory are some of the reasons why the cable box keeps turning off.

Q: How do I get my Cox wireless cable box to work?

Ans: Click here to make your cable box up and running again.