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How to Fix Cox Email Not Working on iPhone?

how to fix cox email not working on iphone

Despite a high customer satisfaction rating and competitive services, a frequent problem that Cox subscribers encounter is Cox email not working on iPhones. Since most people don’t know what to do in such a situation, they panic. However, a proper guide with a list of possible causes and solutions can save users from stress and waste of time.

9 Ways to Solve Cox Email Not Working on iPhone

Cox email on iPhone is an incredible feature, and it has made lives (and businesses) easier for many. However, sometimes, email does not work on Apple phones. In most cases, the problem is quite basic and does not involve many technicalities, nor does it necessarily require calling an expert. The following is a list of 9 most common causes of Cox email not working on an iPhone and their simple solutions:

#1. Refresh The Page

If users cannot spot a channel, like HBO Max on Cox, or one of their applications, like email, is not working, reloading the page usually solves the issue. Close the browser and open it again. Or, click on the reload button. If the issue is associated with browser problems or a lagging phone, doing this fix it immediately.

#2. Deactivate The VPN

Another reason behind Cox email not working properly is that the user’s VPN is activated. Many people have VPN installed on their smartphones for personal or work uses. While it does not cause problems in everyday life, sometimes, certain kinds of VPN software can be incompatible with Cox email applications. In this case, disconnecting or deactivating the VPN will allow users to continue sending their emails.

#3. Check The Port Configuration

The port is an essential part of modern mobiles, and it has specific settings to ensure smooth operation. Using the correct port but entering the incorrect settings can eventually disable certain features and applications on a smartphone. These apps might also include the Cox email. Ensure that the configuration between the port and the Cox email app on the phone is correct.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the General Settings of the iPhone.
  • Usually, users can open that by swiping on their home screens.
  • Find the Passwords and Accounts option.
  • Locate Cox email app.
  • Select Advanced Options and then Incoming Mail Server.
  • Turn on the SSL option if it is off.
  • Enter 993 when asked for an IMAP and type 995 for the field labeled as POP.
  • Click on Outgoing Mail Server now and turn on the SSL if it is off.
  • Open Server Port Field; enter 465.

#4. Enquire About Network Issues

Regardless of which of the Cox cable bundles the user is subscribed to, network issues are common. This could be a local issue or originating from the internet provider itself. Users should check if the network issues are consistent on all building floors and gadgets. If it seems unlikely to be a local issue, call the internet service provider and inquire about a generalized network problem.

#5. Take A Look at The Browser

Cox email has good compatibility with specific browsers and bad compatibility with others. This means that even the best Cox TV packages will not work properly and smoothly on a browser that does not support it. The same is the case with Cox’s email. Not being able to use the feature might indicate a browser feud. So, switch the browser and see if it works better.

cox email not working on iphone

#6. Verify Credentials and Login Info

Many times, Cox email not working on iPhone causes panic for users. However, in a few minutes, they realize that the problem is next to nothing- they are entering the wrong login credentials. As impossibly simple as that may sound, it happens more often than people assume. Therefore, it is wise to check that users are entering the proper credentials, especially the correct password.

#7. Look Into the Anti-Virus and Firewall

Similar to the phenomenon of an incompatible VPN, firewalls and antivirus software can also cause issues for Cox email. Again, deactivating them temporarily while using the application is a simple and instant solution. To remove this problem permanently, users can also search to see which firewalls and antivirus programs are compatible with Cox. Then, they can download and install one of those programs instead.

#8. Update The App

Again, if certain channels have suddenly disappeared from the Contour TV or specific features are no longer working in the email application, it could be a local issue that requires reloading. If reloading the application does not work, there is a possibility that the app is outdated. In this case, updating the app will fix the problem instantly.

#9. Contact Cox Customer Support

If nothing else works, calling the Cox customer service phone number is a good idea. The responders on the other end will inquire about the issues the user is observing and guide accordingly. If the problem sounds a bit more tech-savvy and might become worse if handled by a layman, they will recommend an expert to see it instead. All in all, direct advice from the company itself is always helpful.


Cox email not working on iPhone is not a rare occurrence, nor is it something to be stressed about. The guide above is a compilation of the most frequent causes behind such a problem. In most cases, it is one of these, and applying the right solution resolves the issue immediately.


Why is my Cox email not working on my iPhone?

It can be because of different reasons. For example, it may be because your VPN is turned on.

How to get Cox email on iPhone?

You can either get them by refreshing the page or by updating the app.

How to set up Cox email on iPhone?

You can go to Settings, then go to mail, select ‘add account’, hit other, and then add mail account. From there you can set up a Cox email address.

How to add a Cox email account to iPhone?

You will have to visit Settings, and then go to add mail account. This will let you add a Cox email account.