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How To Fix Netflix Not Working On Cox?

Fix Netflix On Cox

OTT services have gained a lot of traction as of late. People are using different streaming platforms like Netflix to satisfy their entertainment needs. Speaking of Netflix, the platform is credited as one of the pioneers of video streaming technology. Also, it has made the Fortune 500 list. People from all across the world rely on this platform to rescue them from boredom. Since this streaming service has become so popular among people, especially Americans, it’s no surprise to find Netflix on Cox.

Netflix on Cox

Although the provided has enabled its subscribers to stream Netflix, sometimes, people face different issues while accessing the platform. And these issues can quite frustrating. But don’t worry! This article will discuss some ways that can help you use the streaming service without any worries.

6 Easy Fixes for Making Netflix on Cox Work

When you subscribe to the provider, the first thing you might probably do is to check Netflix on Contour TV. After all, this streaming platform offers a plethora of entertaining content like documentaries, standup comedies, movies, and television series. But it’s quite infuriating when the streaming platform doesn’t work. However, this issue can be resolved. And here are six ways how:

1. Make Sure You Are Subscribed to the Right Plan

If you want to enjoy Netflix on Cox without any issues, you will first have to make sure to subscribe to the right plan. Now, the question is, which plan is the right one? Well, it’s the premium! The reason you should opt for this deal is that it will make all the films and TV shows appear on the menus. Also, the package supports 4K which you will need to stream the content on your provider’s system. Moreover, you will have to ensure that you are connected to the internet before using the streaming service. You can look into different Cox internet plans and select the one that meets your online needs and budget.

2. Restart Your Internet

Internet issues can surface at any time. It is something that you have to be ready for. This is because such problems are mostly technical. And at times, your provider is not to blame for slow internet speeds. So, whenever you are unable to access Netflix, it is advised to restart your internet connection. You can do that by restarting your router. If you do so, it may increase the speed of your internet while eliminating any issues that you were facing before. Hence, this means that restarting your router can potentially get rid of the Netflix not working on Cox TV error.

3. Limit the Number of Devices Using Netflix

Being subscribed to the premium package of Netflix means that only four users will be able to use the service simultaneously. If there are more people using the platform, you will not be able to stream content. So, if in case you have shared the Netflix credentials with your friends or family members, ask them to stop using the service. When they do, you will be able to enjoy Netflix on your Cox Contour TV.

4. Refresh Your Wi-Fi

Sometimes, you can have an issue with your Cox internet connection. And though, the connection can be live again in a few minutes, Netflix will instantaneously detect even if the slightest of this problem appears. And when it does detect, the platform will give you an alert that your internet connection is not working. However, this message will disappear soon, allowing you to stream the content. But if the issue doesn’t go away, then you will have to try refreshing your WiFi system. It will certainly resolve the problem. You can then enjoy anything you want whether it be Netflix or HBO on Cox.

5. Reset Netflix

Applications can malfunction every now and then. And when they do, then it doesn’t matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to make them work. With that said, if you are having issues with Netflix itself, you can simply reset it. This will resolve the issue and the app will start to work again. Here is how you can get reset the platform:

  • Press A on your Cox voice remote
  • Tap Troubleshooting Help
  • Move across the row and hit Restart
  • A confirmation window will appear
  • Tap Restart again

You should now try launching Netflix app and it should work fine. However, if you are not able to access the menu option, you can call the provider by dialing the Cox customer service phone number and report the issue to them. And they will help you out!

6. Restart Your Cable Receiver

Besides the internet, the functionality of your Netflix is also dependent on the provider’s receiver. This is because the streaming platform is directly integrated into it. So, if you are unable to access Netflix, there must be something wrong with Contour. The device may be experiencing a technical problem. To confirm this, check if you can access other channels. If there is a problem with the cable receiver, then it doesn’t matter which one of the Cox cable deals you are subscribed to, you will not be able to enjoy any channels. Therefore, it is suggested to restart the receiver. This may fix the issue.


Netflix is a top streaming service that millions of people use regularly. However, there will be times when you won’t be able to enjoy Netflix on Cox. If in case, you come across this issue, you can try one of the aforementioned ways to resolve the issue. Also, if you are not sure what channel is Netflix on Cox, call the provider and they will help you out!


Q: How much is Netflix on Cox?
Ans: It is $7.99/month.

Q: Why is Netflix not working with Cox Cable?
Ans: There can be multiple reasons for this issue. For instance, the internet may not be working or you are subscribed to the wrong plan.

Q: Why is Netflix not working again?
Ans: Check your internet connection if your Netflix is not working.

Q: How do I get Netflix on cox cable?
Ans: Press Contour, go to menu, apps, and then select Netflix.

Q: Is Netflix free with Cox Cable?
Ans: No, you will have to pay $7.99/month.