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How to Trouble Cox HD Channels Errors?

how to fix cox hd channels errors

In this time and age, everyone wants a premium experience whether they are watching something on TV or on any other device. Due to the changing customer demand, providers like Cox cable deliver channels in HD, because the standard definition of picture quality is history!

Cox cable deals and its service quality is great but nobody is perfect. At times, you could run into an error causing the HD channels to not work. Read on to learn what causes the Cox HD channels to stop functioning and possible solutions to solve this hiccup.

What Causes the Cox HD Channels to Act Up?

When you’re HD channels are not working, there’s nothing major that’s wrong with your cable. Most of the time, poorly maintained cables, antennas, installation issues, and other interferences keep the channels from disappearing.

When the HD channels are not working, your first instinct is to contact customer support. But there are some things you can do on your own to troubleshoot such as:

  • See if the cables are loose or damaged
  • Get new cables if the existing ones are broken or dented
  • Double-check if your package actually carries HD networks
  • Reboot your Cox mini box

What to Do When Cox HD Channels Are Not Working?

Now let’s move on to the ways you can fix the error that’s causing the Cox cable HD channels to not work:

1: Inspect the Cables

Your cables must be working optimally if you want to truly experience the thrill of HD. Loose or dented cables are your worst enemy. Check your cables for damage and make sure they are connected to the port.

If you spot physical damage, replace the cables immediately. Damaged cables can impact signal transmission.

2: Check for Outages

Were the cables alright and your Cox contour HD channels are acting up, it’s always helpful to confirm if Cox is going through a service outage. When there’s a service outage, the HD channels won’t work. In that case, no Cox subscriber will be able to access them.

If you have friends in your area who are using Cox’s services, call them and ask if they can access the HD channels. If they are experiencing a similar issue, it’s obvious there’s a service outage. You can even confirm the outage through the Cox app.

  1. Launch the Cox app
  2. Log into your account
  3. A red notification window will appear with an estimated repair time

This makes it certain that your Cox services are down and once they are restored, you should be able to access the HD channels.

3: Power Cycle the Cable Box

A quick restart or reboot can fix most minor technical glitches and hopefully, this one will go away too. Here are the steps to power cycle your Cox contour TV cable box:

  1. Unplug the power cord of your Cox mini box from behind
  2. Wait for 60 to 90 minutes
  3. Plug the cords and cables again
  4. The reset will begin automatically
  5. Give the process at least 5 minutes to complete

That’s about it. Tune in to your Cox services again. you should be able to access HD channels successfully.

4: Revisit Your Cable Package

All Cox cable packages have different perks. There is a possibility that the package you have subscribed to no longer carries HD channels. This rarely happens but there’s no harm in going back and revisiting the perks of your present cable TV package.

You can always check your Cox billing details on your package or visit your online account to extract package details. If you’re unable to find the relevant information, feel free to contact customer support for details.

5: Check Your Cable’s Input Settings

You must use the right input and set the correct TV settings to access HD channels. Here is how you can ensure that:

  1. From your remote, click on the input button
  2. A menu will appear on your screen
  3. Choose “TV” from the options
  4. Go to input settings
  5. Make sure it says HD

6: Contact Customer Support

Did you follow everything to the T but none of the above fixes helped resolve the issue? It is time to dial the Cox bill pay number at 855-891-4473 and convey the problem.

Don’t forget to mention that you have tried all possible remedies to fix the Cox HD channels but nothing worked. Someone from the technical department should be able to troubleshoot and help restore your services.


Does Cox have HD channels?

Yes! The provider has HD channels. The availability of HD channels can vary on a package basis.

What channel is Fox HD on Cox?

Tune in to channel # 1010 to watch Fox on Cox in HD.

What happened to Cox HD channels?

Cox is letting go of the 4-digital channel series and removing duplicate HD channels on its lineup. The provider is trying to create space for upgrades and new service offerings in the future.