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What Channel is NFL Network on Cox?

NFL network on Cox

Nobody likes missing their favorite NFL games. In fact, for real fans and enthusiasts, it is one of the most frustrating things ever. Thankfully, you can now get access to the NFL Network on Cox. As a result, you can enjoy Sunday Night Football, primetime games, live local games, the pre-season, and the Training Camp all at one place and that too without a hassle or emptying your wallet! Therefore, the Cox NFL Network channel will solve all your television problems. Here’s how to get the channel, find it on Cox, and much more!

A Brief Overview of NFL Network

Despite so many years passing since its launch, some people are still unaware of the NFL Network and what it is. So, here is a brief introduction for them:

The NFL Network launched in 2003, and it was based in the United States. It was a sports-oriented pay television network created by the National Football League. Subscribing to the NFL Network on Cox gets you everything a true NFL fan dream of. You can get exclusive coverage and live-action from inside the field. Plus, it offers studio shows, documentaries, special programs, and a lot more.


How To Get NFL Network on Cox?

Getting NFL Network on Cox isn’t altogether tough, but it can be tricky if you’re a beginner to the subscription and the company. Cox offers this network in its lineup of top-tier channels. To get both NFL RedZone and NFL Network, you must subscribe to the Cox Contour TV Ultimate. However, if you get a subscription to a different Cox TV tier, you can still get the NFL Network as an add-on. You can get the Sports and Info Pack which gives you access to various premium sports networks, which includes NFL. If not, you can select the Sports Pack 2, which gives you both NFL RedZone and NFL Network.

After completing a successful subscription to a Cox NFL package, you can get access to the game anytime, anywhere, from any gadget, be it a tablet, smartphone, or laptop. You can download the official NFL network application, put in your individual Cox credentials, and that’s all you need to start streaming all the exciting shows. You can also visit the official NFL Network and NFL RedZone websites to watch the content online. What’s more, if you want to watch it with your family, you can use your Contour TV box. This way, everyone can enjoy the show on a big home screen!

Is NFL Network Available on Cox?

Yes, you can find the NFL Network on Cox and enjoy the content on your device or the Contour app. The Cox NFL Network allows you to watch top players make historical goals. Moreover, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your lounge!

There are several different Cox cable bundles and packages available for you to choose from. You can find the channel as a part of the provider’s Cox Sports Pack 2 deal.

Finding NFL Network on Cox

It’s hard finding a particular network in a variety of different ones. For example, if you are subscribed to a Cox package, you will have to go through different channels like Freeform, TBS, ESPN on Cox, and many others to get to the NFL Network. It might take some time, and most users get frustrated! But don’t worry, the following table will help you find NFL on Cox.

State City Channel Number
Virginia Virginia Beach 161
Rhode Island East Providence 137
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 252
Arkansas Fort Smith 126
Connecticut East Hartford 137
Georgia Centerville 323
North Carolina Knotts Island 161
Idaho Bellevue 223
Massachusetts Holland 137
Nevada Las Vegas 317
Nebraska Omaha 223
Kansas Wichita 261
Louisiana New Orleans 319
Iowa Carter Lake 223
Ohio Cleveland 160
Florida Fort Walton Beach 331
California San Diego 332
Arizona Phoenix 301

Popular Shows on NFL Network

After choosing the right package from Cox internet and cable services, you can enjoy all the perks and benefits of the NFL Network. But exactly what should you look forward to? The following are some of the most well-loved shows you can watch on the NFL:

1. NFL Total Access

This one is a news program, and it is pretty popular among NFL enthusiasts. Featured segments on the show include Sounds of The Game which provides audiences with exclusive insights into the NFL sidelines. Another popular segment of the show is Around the League, in which Ian Rapoport gives inside information and regular updates.

2. Good Morning Football

This live morning program starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 10 a.m. Different hosts show up on different days of the week: Colleen Wolfe entertains the audiences on the weekend, while Peter Schrager, Kyle Brandt, and Kay Adams are the dedicated hosts for the weekdays. Analysts on the show include Steve Smith Sr, Reggie Bush, Chris Carter, DeAngelo Hall, and Michael Robinson.

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3. Inside The NFL

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory: Inside The NFL is a show dedicated to covering every game each week. It’s about showing trademark highlights from different NFL films to the audiences. They include special features, in-depth information, wires, sounds, and so much more.


If you have been frustrated trying to watch your game in peace, getting NFL Network on Cox will be the best decision you make for yourself. The company offers many packages with different add-ons, special features, and whatnot. You can communicate with Cox directly to pick and choose the services you want to get. You can also find other channels like CBS on Cox and watch your favorite shows anytime, anywhere! In a nutshell, it doesn’t get easier than this!

FAQ Section

Q: What Channel is NFL Network on Cox?

The channel number for NFL Network varies from state to state.

Q: Can you stream just the NFL Network?

Yes, you can.