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5 Easy Ways to Fix Your Cox Contour Remote

Cox contour remote

Nothing can be more frustrating when, suddenly, the Cox Contour remote stops working. This is especially true when you sit down with your family to enjoy a show on the television. After all, you only get some downtime with them after a long hard day for work. Therefore, they want to spend some free time watching movies and their favorite shows that encourage family bonding. However, that can’t happen unless you don’t run into some TV and remote problems. However, if you do, there is no need to worry! This is because there is a solution to the issue which can help you get rid of the problem fast. Read on to find out all about it!

5 Ways to Troubleshoot Cox Contour Remote Issue

Cox Contour remote is a useful device that comes with most of the Cox cable plans. The remote helps you get an improved TV viewing experience. You can use it to tune into different channels, search for programs, and do much more with the special voice command feature. However, there may be instances when your remote stops responding to the input. In such a situation, just follow the fixes listed below and your remote will start to function again.

1. Look for Compatibility of the Model

A lot of subscribers don’t know just how crucial it is to ensure that the model of your Cox remote is compatible. Those who got their equipment from the provider are less likely to face this issue since the remote will almost always be fully compatible with your receiver of Contour TV. However, in case you purchased it separately, you may face a compatibility problem. Hence, it is important for you to ensure that the remote you receive from the third party is fully compatible with your Contours box. Otherwise, you can expect to face problems.

2. Check the Batteries of the Cox contour remote

Sometimes, there is no issue with the remote. Instead, the batteries are causing the problem. So, you have to change them. But before you do that, you should know how to how to remove the battery cover on the Cox contour remote. Also, it’s suggested to check the batteries. Ensure that they are not drained or weak. If they are, change them immediately. You should always consider using high-quality good-performance batteries as they usually last longer. Once you have inserted new batteries in the remote, check if it is working fine. Keep in mind that after you change the batteries, you need to sync your remote with your TV again.

3. Reprogram Your Remote

When the remote stops working or if it starts to act erratically, it may be because it’s not programmed properly. So, you need to reprogram the remote with the receiver of your Cox TV to make it work.

You have to follow the following steps to pair the remote with your Contour TV box:

  • Switch on the television. Tune it. Choose the right input for your set-top box.
  • Tap the Contour button and the Info button and hold them till you see the LED of the remote go green.
  • Now tap on Menu and release.
  • You will now see 3 digits- a code- which you will need to enter via the keypad on your remote.
  • Now press OK.
  • The remote will now be paired with the Contour box.
  • Once paired, note the TV manufacturer’s code – note the Cox Contour remote TV codes as you will be using them later.
  • Now tap on the Setup button and hold it till the LED of your remote is green.
  • Enter the TV manufacturer’s code and then tap OK.
  • You can now use the remote to perform different functions.

You have to remember the Cox Contour remote codes, or it will not allow you to pair your remote with the TV. Also, remember that after your remote is paired with the TV, you can’t connect it with any other device.

4. Try Factory Reset

If you have tried the methods mentioned above and nothing has worked, it is advised to do a factory reset. Here’s how to do that:

  • Refer to user guides to identify the remote control you have.
  • If you got the latest Contour Voice Remote, great. Now, press A and D simultaneously and hold.
  • In case you are using an older Contour Voice Remote, press Setup and hold it.
  • Next, enter 9-8-1.
  • After that, you can pair your remote to your receiver and check the remote functions.

If the remote start to work without any issues, it means that you have successfully performed the factory reset.

5. Call the Provider

If nothing seemed to work, don’t hesitate to dial the Cox customer service phone number. You can talk to the provider and tell them about the issues. Their experienced reps will troubleshoot your problem instantly, so you have to face minimum downtime.

Also, if the problem is complex, they can allow you to opt for Cox contour remote replacement. They will give you a brand new remote which you can use to enjoy your television.


And there you have it! You can follow these ways to fix your Cox Contour remote. You can then use your remote to enjoy your television without any hassles. You can even ask the provider for help if you are having trouble with the remote. They will even help you out if you need more details on Cox internet plans. So, feel free to reach out to them whenever you want.

People Also Ask

Q: How to program Cox contour remote to TV?

Ans: Tap and hold Contour and info buttons on the remote and enter a 3-digit code.

Q: How to fix the Cox contour remote?

Ans: There are different ways to do it. For instance, you can opt for a factory reset or check for model compatibility.

Q: How to set up a Cox contour remote control?

Ans: You will have to enter the Cox Contour remote code to set up the remote.

Q:  Why is my Cox contour remote not working?

Ans: It may be because the model of your remote is not compatible with the Contour receiver.