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What Channel is CBS on Cox?

CBS on Cox

CBS is one of the most-watched channels in the United States. After all, this network offers the best entertainment one can ask for. There are a lot of popular shows that you can watch on this channel. Plus, not to forget all the live events that it broadcasts. This is the network where you can watch different award ceremonies from the Grammys to Tonys. Moreover, you can enjoy a handful of late-night shows on this channel as well. All this makes the network simply the best. But is CBS on Cox? Yes, it is! But if you don’t know where to find the channel on your cable, read on!

A Brief Overview of CBS

CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting System. It is owned by Paramount Global. The channel was founded by Arthur Judson. It launched on September 18, 1941. Today, it is one of the Big Three American broadcast TV networks, the other two being NBC and ABC. You may not know this, but CBS has more than 240 affiliated as well as owned-and-operated television stations not just in the U.S. but also in Canada. Forbes even included the network in its list of the “Fortune 500 of the Largest American Corporations by Revenue.”

How to Get CBS on Cox?

If you like spending most of your time watching TV shows, you will be delighted to know that CBS offers some of the best series. More on this later. Since you already know that you can find CBS on Cox, what else can you expect apart from all the great content? Well, for starters, you should know that the provider doesn’t compromise on quality. Hence, you can expect the picture quality to be breathtaking. Plus, the resolution will simply be perfect. This will allow you to enjoy all the shows in super high quality.

What’s more? The provider will be offering you thousands of on-demand titles. Also, the company offers 4K programming. You can also enjoy the channel on the provider’s app. But for that, you will have to make sure that you are subscribed to Cox internet. This will allow you to stream your favorite channels without any hassles.

Although the provider has included CBS in the channel lineup, the question is, on which one of the Cox TV deals can you find this network? Well, you will be delighted to know that the company has made this network available for all of its plans. This means that whichever package you are subscribed to, whether it be TV Starter, Contour Flex, Contour TV, and Contour TV Ultimate, you will get access to the channel.

Is CBS Sports Available on Cox?

Yes, you can find CBS Sports on Cox cable. This channel is exclusive to those who like sports. You can enjoy many types of sports on this channel like NFL, PGA Tour, UEFA Champions League, and PGA Championship. Moreover, you can also watch Super Bowl games on this channel.

CBS Sports Available on Cox

You will have access to the CBS Sports Network on Cox but know that this channel is only available for those who have subscribed to Contour TV Ultimate.

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How to Find CBS Channel on Cox?

Finding CBS on Cox is nothing more than a hassle. Why did you wonder? Well, simply because the provider offers a lot of channels no matter which deal you select. Therefore, it understandably becomes hard to find the CBS channel number on Cox. Plus, you should know that the channel number will vary depending on which city you belong to. But don’t worry! You won’t need to go through the pain to find where the network is. This section will give you that information. Here are the CBS channel numbers for different cities.

City CBS Channel Number
Phoenix 5/1005
San Diego 8/1008

Popular Shows on CBS

It doesn’t matter if you opt for one of the Cox cable bundles or a separate deal, you will get access to CBS. This channel takes pride in providing its viewers with quality content. You can find a lot of thrilling shows on the network. Whether you like dramas or late-night shows, this network offers all. With that said, here are some of the most popular shows on CBS:

1. The Unicorn

If you are into comedy, you are going to love The Unicorn. The show is about a group of family and friends who help Wade to move on after the demise of his wife. The group aids Wade in finding love again. And so, he decides to start dating again. To his amazement, Wade discovers that women like him, and his friends explain why he is the perfect single guy. The story continues as he tries to start his life all over again. This show is a good alternative if you don’t have anything interesting to watch on TBS on Cox.

2. The Neighborhood

Cedric the Entertainer is the start of The Neighborhood. It is a great comedy show that will give you a good dose of laughter. The story is about what happens when a friendly guy, Dave Johnson moves his family to a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The Johnsons soon meet their neighbor, Calvin Butler whose kids think that they can be good for the community. Plus, his older son, Malcolm believes that Dave is someone who can understand him. Dave realizes that it may not be so easy fitting into the neighborhood as he thought it would be but believes that things will get better if he and Butler become good friends.

3. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert brings his signature style of comedy to one of the most popular late-night shows, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. This show has also been nominated for an Emmy Award. Colbert talks about everything from technology and politics to entertainment and music in this show.


CBS is easily one of the best entertainment channels where you can enjoy quality shows and experience live events like the Grammy and Tony Awards. Hence, it makes perfect sense why you can find CBS on Cox regardless of which TV deal you choose. Since the provider makes sure to provide top-notch quality, you can expect to enjoy the channel in HD! It surely doesn’t get any better than this!

FAQ Section:

Q: What channel is CBS on Cox?

Ans: CBS channel number varies from city to city. So, visit the provider’s website to know where to find the channel.

Q: How to watch CBS all access on Cox?

Ans: You cannot watch CBS All Access on Cox as it is the network’s service, and they don’t have a deal with any provider.

What channel is CBS Sports on Cox San Diego?

Ans: It is 8/1008.

What channel is CBS on Cox Omaha, Nebraska?

Ans: It is 5/1005.

What channel is CBS on Cox Phoenix, Arizona?

Ans: It is 5/1005.