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What Channel Is Freeform on Cox?

children watch Freeform on Cox

Freeform has gained popularity very quickly, and audiences have grown very fond of the content there. Needless to say, all streaming services are now trying to support the channel and make it available to their subscribers. Cox was quick to jump on the bandwagon. Hence, now you can find Freeform on Cox.

While users are not aware that they have Freeform available on their streaming service, other Cox users don’t know how to include it in their subscription. If you are a part of either of these categories, you will find the answers to your queries below!

A Brief Overview of Freeform

Most of you already know what Freeform is, but let’s do a quick overview to set the record right. The channel is an American multinational cable channel that provides entertaining content to its viewers. It is owned by Walt Disney Television subsidiary ABC family worldwide and was launched around 45 years ago in 1977.

It also has several other sister channels, including Disney Junior, Disney XD, Disney Channel, FXM, FX, FXX, Nat Geo Wild, National Geographic, and ABC. In addition, it is broadcasted nationwide on many streaming services, and now you can get easy access to Cox Freeform.

How To Get Freeform on Cox?

Freeform is not available anywhere and everywhere, so if you want to access this channel on Cox, you will have to make some effort. In order to get the Freeform channel on your streaming service, you have to choose the right subscription for it. Typically, it is not available on the basic or entry-level starter packs, so you will have to upgrade to a higher Contour TV tier. However, don’t worry about the prices; it is not as expensive as you may expect.

Contour TV Preferred is available for less than 100 dollars and offers more than 100 channels with a handful of other benefits and features. So you get more performance and more value for a reasonable price.

Is Freeform Available on Cox?

Is Freeform Available on Cox

Cox is one of the handfuls of streaming services where you can enjoy all the Freeform shows. However, its content is exclusive to subscribers of Contour packages. Once you subscribe to the right bundle, you’ll get access to all the infamous Freeform shows. The different titles available on Freeform include Popular, Throwbacks, and Movies and Specials.

But if you are already subscribed to the Starter deal and want to switch, you can call the Cox customer care phone number. Communicate your problem and the possible solutions you are looking for. If there are any ongoing deals in your area or a way that Cox can accommodate you with your issue, the respondent will let you know and guide you accordingly.

How To Find Freeform Channel on Cox?

Users can sometimes find it troublesome to locate Freeform on their existing Cox subscription simply because there are so many channels to sift through- Newsmax on Cox, HBO, ESPN, and many more! However, it’s not that hard if you have a proper guideline, like this one:

The channel number depends on your geographical location, so there is no single answer to this question. However, the following table will help you locate the city you are in and find which channel has Freeform.

City Freeform Channel Number
Phoenix 39
Tucson 62

Popular Shows on Freeform

The Freeform schedule has plenty of excellent options for everyone, but some of the shows there are making waves on social media! These are the top shows you should watch on Freeform:

1. The Fosters

A series that revolves around a biracial fostering family, The Fosters is an entertaining show that explores various relationships. These relationships include those between siblings, parents and children, friends and non-platonic ones! The show also includes social issues, political topics, and other deep subjects, so it’s not just entertainment but also education. This show is worth upgrading your Cox internet deals and TV packages!

2. The Bold Type

If you haven’t already seen this show creating hype on social media, The Bold Type is a storyline revolving around three friends taking giant steps into the business world. Sutton, Kat, and Jane are fearless businesswomen determined to create their own empires while dealing with real-life problems like workplace inequality and relationship issues!

3. Pretty Little Liars

If you like tragic romance stories, you will love this one. The show has a mysterious plot that only thickens with every episode keeping the audience hooked till the last minute! It has emotions, suspense, death, and much more, making it a perfect entertainment package! So, if you want to watch a good show on your Cox cable, definitely give this one a try!

4. Shadowhunters

Last but not least, Shadowhunters is a fantasy show that revolves around demon hunters protecting the globe from supernatural dark forces. So naturally, the show has a lot of twists, action, and emotions. The story is well-written, the cast is diverse, and the fight scenes are so entertaining that you don’t want to press Skip!


If you want to get Freeform on Cox, upgrade your Cox Contour television package and get access to all the fantastic shows there. It is not that complicated at all. If you don’t want to go down to the office or tackle the online processes, just call the provider’s customer service and ask them to do it for you!

People Also Ask

Q: What Channel Supports Cox Freeform in Phoenix?

Ans: You can find Freeform on channel 39/ 1039.

Q: What Channel Supports Cox Freeform in San Diego?

Ans: You can find Freeform on channel 19/ 1019.

Q: What Channel Supports Cox Freeform in Las Vegas? 

Ans: You can find Freeform on channel 59/ 1059.

Q: What Channel Supports Cox FreeForm in Oklahoma?

Ans: You can find Freeform on channel 36 / 775.