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What Channel is HBO on Cox?

what channel HBO on Cox

HBO on Cox is one of the most popular TV networks in the country. It offers amazing content variety and might be superior in quality and quantity of content compared to most other channels. The TV channel also runs top-rated movies and shows that are fit for all ages. Now, HBO on Cox is available as a standalone premium pay-tv subscription. You can subscribe to the channel with most Contour TV packages and enjoy a stream of fun and entertaining content.

You can also get the HBO Max subscription to get access to the online streaming service. It rivals the likes of Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime in terms of available titles. You can get access to an unlimited number of entertainment hours which include original shows, latest movie releases, and so much more. Whether you like action movies, sports documentaries, or want to watch children’s cartoons, everything is available to stream online.

You can choose to get the streaming subscription or the pay-tv on your cable TV channel lineup for HBO. For most channels, you can find the channel number from the provider’s website. All you have to do is put in your zip code and the entire channel list for Cox TV will show up. But looking for one specific channel through the list or flicking through all the channels on your TV can be such a hassle.

HBO on Cox

Moreover, the channel numbers for most channels can differ with location. For example, you get HBO on Cox on channel 200 in Pheonix and channel 401 in Wichita. You can find your state and city from the list below to find the channel number in your area.

State and City 

Channel Number

San Diego, California


Pheonix, Arizona


Carter Lake, Iowa


Fort Walton Beach, Florida


Bellevue, Idaho


Wichita, Kansas


Omaha, Nebraska


Cleveland, Ohio


Virginia Beach, Virginia


Knotts Island, North Carolina


New Orleans, Louisiana


If you still have trouble finding the HBO channel number you can call the provider’s customer center. The channel might not be available in your area. Or you may need more help finding HBO on Cox mini box missing channels, Cox billing information, etc. The support staff can answer most of your questions and help you access your favorite channels.

Get a subscription to Cox Contour

The provider has multiple cable TV packages to suit all your needs. The company starts off with the TV Starter package, which has all the necessary channels without going overboard. So, if you are someone who only watches specific channels this could be a great option for you. You can get up to 75 channels with this plan.

Then comes the TV Preferred plan which can give you access to over 140 channels. The provider also has an all-inclusive TV Ultimate plan with more than 250 channels. These two packages can have some premium add-ons like Freeform, Cinemax, and TBS on Cox,  etc., included in your plan already. You can add more premium or music channels to any Contour plan.

S, you can opt for one of two ways to get HBO on Cox, no matter which package you choose. The first option is to get the Starter package and add HBO as a premium channel to your plan later. The other option is to get higher-tier packages like Cox cable Ultimate that include the HBO pay-tv subscription already.

Easy way to watch on Cox Mini Box

The channel is one of the most popular premium add-ons and all Cox customers would like access to it. The Mini Box can make watching TV in every room super convenient. However, the mini box doesn’t give you access to premium channels like HBO on Cox. So, if you want to watch original and exclusive content from premium networks like Cinemax, SHOWTIME, etc., you should look into the cable TV packages.

What to do if Cox HBO On-Demand is not working?

There can be multiple reasons why your HBO subscription might become glitchy. If you are watching the online streaming, you should first check your Cox internet. Most glitches can be solved by resetting your router and checking all connections.

However, if your Cox HBO on-Demand is not working, make sure to get in touch with customer service immediately. There could be an issue with your payment, or a server error. So, the support staff can help get your network back up with simple troubleshooting techniques.

People Also Ask

Q: What channel is HBO on Cox? 

Ans: The channel number can differ based on your location. You should check the provider’s channel lineup for your area or refer to the table in the text.

Q: What channel is HBO on Cox Contour?

Ans: Refer to the table in the text or enter your zip code on the provider’s website to find the channel number in your area.

Q: What channel is HBO on-demand on Cox?

Ans: The channel number is different for most locations and you can call customer service or refer to the online channel guide.

Q: Is HBO Max free for Cox customers? 

Ans: You can subscribe to HBO Max through Cox Contour 2 or Contour Stream Player for a monthly fee.