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What Channel is NBC on Cox ?

NBC on Cox

It is human nature to crave entertainment without hassle. After a long day at work, it can be nice to crawl into bed with the TV remote and find something good to watch. So, whether you are a sports fan or want to watch soap operas or both, NBC on Cox could be your best choice. It offers a range of quality content that includes comedies, drama, thrillers, and live sports. You can enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, and reality TV shows. But you don’t want to spend half of your time searching for the channel number on your TV plan. That can ruin the fun and is, quite frankly, annoying.

Therefore, all cable operators offer the NBC network and its subsidiary channels. The different Cox TV plans can differ in the number of channels, price, and other add-ons. But almost all of them have NBC as well. So, no matter which plans you are on, you can get the channel network on your TV. But the channel number might be different depending upon where you live.

What Channel Is NBC on Cox?

Moreover, channel availability and number on the list are different for each state and city. So, NBC Sports on Cox might be available in your area, but unavailable elsewhere. You can find the channel number from this list:



NBC Channel Number

California San Diego 7
Arizona Phoenix 12
Connecticut East Hartford 4
Florida Fort Walton Beach 7/8 (HD)
Iowa Carter Lake 8
Georgia Centerville 5 (HD)
Kansas Wichita 3
Idaho Bellevue 7
Nebraska Omaha 8 (HD)
Ohio Cleveland 3 (HD)
Rhode Island East Providence 10 (HD)

The list is not exhaustive as the channel number varies with the location. However, If you can’t find your state here you can check with the official customer care or provider’s website. Also, They can tell you for sure if the channel is available in your zip code or not.

How to Get NBC Sports on Cox?

Although, People who are passionate about sports don’t want to miss a thing. so, Catching all the live games, highlights, and after-game commentary shows can be great to watch. And you can get all that action with the NBC Sports Network on Cox internet. So, The provider offers four different TV plans and you can get NBC on all of them.

NBC Sports on Cox

Cox TV Package NBC Availability
TV Starter Yes
Contour Flex Yes
Contour TV Yes
Contour TV Ultimate Yes

It can be great for sports fans to get any of the Cox cable bundles tiers if they won’t live action from their favorite sports tournaments. So, You can get a lot more with these bundles as well like:

  • Live TV
  • On-demand TV
  • Streaming apps
  • Voice remote
  • Contour TV app

Unlimited Entertainment with NBC Universo Channel on Cox

You can get a lot of terrestrial TV options with the provider’s wide range of channel options. Although, NBC on Cox is more than just live sports. so, You can also get hooked on other genres of entertainment like crime shows such as Law & Order or The Blacklist.

If you are a reality TV fan you can watch America’s Got Talent. Secondly options for talk shows like Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers, or The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

So, there is a range of options to choose from and you will never get bored. However, The Oxygen Network, NBC offers a range of shows but you can also order on-demand entertainment options. Although, you can start ticking off from the list of movies on your watch list.

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Catch Live Action on NBC Sports Network on Cox

The NBC Universo channel on Cox can offer entertainment options like TV shows, movies, and talk shows. Although later, You can catch all the live sports entertainment on NBC sports. also, Here are some of the most popular tournaments and sports shows that you can watch:

  • English Premier League Soccer
  • NHL
  • Hour of Power
  • NHL Top 10
  • Payne NBC College Football Review
  • Sunday Night Football (NFL)
  • The Dan Patrick Show
  • Pro Football Talk

Moreover, you can either get NBC or Fox on Cox to enjoy the best available sports shows. So, The content is exciting and fun, and you can even catch multiple re-runs of your favorites.


Q: What channel is NBC on Cox?

Ans: The channel number is different for each state and city. So, You can check from the table above or call the provider’s customer care center.

What channel is NBC Sports on Cox?

Ans: You can watch NBC Sports on channel 159.

What channel is NBC on Cox in California?

The channel number is 7 in San Diego, California. Call the customer care center for other cities.